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Join the Beauty Biz Club®, a supportive online community of beauty professionals that will help you grow your business and accelerate your success!

WHAT Makes The Beauty Biz Club® Different?

We are the premiere online community exclusively for professional beauty entrepreneurs.

A success-based society where you can get your questions answered, learn practical tools to move your business forward, and remove the fear, overwhelm and roadblocks that hold practitioners back.

Imagine the success you could achieve by interacting daily with successful, supportive, encouraging and uplifting ROCKSTAR businesswomen!

Before I joined the Beauty Biz Club® I was making $10,000 per year.

Now I’m on track to earn $400,000 this year!”

Teri E, LE

If you’re ready to become a top earner in the beauty industry, then you’re ready to join the ranks of women who have taken “hobby” jobs and turned them into lucrative careers.

When I first met Lori I was earning $12,000 per year.

This year my income is set to pass $275,000 and using the tools I learned from Lori, I have set goals to reach $500,000 in three years!”

Marisa H, LE

It doesn’t matter if you are a beauty biz owner, renter, solo-practitioner, or employee, you need the Beauty Biz Club®.

Learn how to run your practice (so it doesn’t run YOU!). Discover how to achieve work/life balance so you can always love what you do and avoid the overwhelm so many entrepreneurs experience.

The BBC is unlike any other group out there.

It is full of successful and supportive women that work together to raise each other up.”

Tyrla W, LE

Whether you're just starting out or balancing a full schedule, the Beauty Biz Club® provides the tools, techniques, support, and guidance to build a thriving practice you love.

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FEATURED Success Session

May Success Segment:
Lessening Liabilities: Your Guide to Covering Your Assets

This training is a must-see success segment where we’ll examine the biggest liabilities in your spa, the best sustainable risk management practices, and what you need to CYA, or cover your assets.

You’ll learn:

  • How to implement smart record keeping practices that enhance client care and reduces risk.
  • What types of insurance you absolutely need (and don’t!)
  • Step by step instructions on how to handle an incident immediately after, and in the days, weeks and months ahead.

No matter the size of your business, this is an essential training for business owners who have assets to lose and reputations to protect.

The Beauty Biz Show Podcast


In this episode, I'm talking about some trade show tips for people who might be carrying around big bags of valuable goods and how to protect yourself if something happens to your stuff!