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Megapeel EX Crystal Microderm Machine w/ extra tips + FREE training ticket 5/19 in CA

  • 12 May 2019 6:05 PM
    Message # 7337373

    Practically Brand NEW!! I purchased this machine in October of 2018 and have only used it about 4x. I purchased it hoping to expand my facial services, but I LOVE waxing and that is about 90% of my business, and I just don't seem to be using it like I had hoped. DermaMed is offering a training in Pleasanton CA on Sunday 5/19 - If there are any CA Esti's that may be interested in the machined, I also have a ticket to the training ($250 value) I would be willing to give you my ticket and deliver you the machine at the training so no one has to pay shipping. Its short notice, but I thought if any of you are interested in purchasing a micro machine, I would love to give that ticket to someone who will utilize it more than me.

    ***MegaPeel Bronze Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine by DermaMed

    Includes: The machine, spare parts kits, 20 disposable tips, Crystals and Filter to get you started, manual.


    I got a great trade show deal on the machine - $3999

    I am asking $3500 + the free training ticket and I can also likely deliver it to you for free (if you are in CA)

    Feel free to call or text me: Brooke 530-318-0599