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  • 17 Sep 2018 6:55 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author: Lori Crete

    So what happens behind closed doors in a Beauty Biz Mastermind?

    I just met with 30 high-income earning beauty practitioners at a Beauty Biz Club mastermind. We spent the day together focusing on three topics that are overlooked and under developed in the beauty industry:

    1. Conversation – surrounding standing tall and practicing beauty from a place of purpose and profits.

    2. Collaboration – The day included a case study on acne.

    WOW! Rich resources were shared on how to help clients gain clear skin and confidence.

    Shared knowledge on treatments is priceless!

    Collaboration provides you with unique knowledge that will set you apart in the crowded beauty space.

    3. Connection – The beauty biz world can be competitive and lonely. In order to tap into your highest potential you need connection with others who understand your mission and your challenges.

    FACT: Conversation, Collaboration, and Connection with others who support you is an investment that will pay off WAY more than any machine or product line.

    Togetherness Takeaways - to help you become more successful... Must haves of a super successful, high-income beauty practitioner:

    1. Growth Bank - Highly successful practitioners have a strategic plan of action. Winging it or figuring it out on your own will most likely cost you cash flow problems.

    “82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems.” [Ipage.com]

    When you Join The Club, you gain immediate access to The Growth Bank Training: 5 Step Success Achieving System.

    2. Idea Tank - Highly successful practitioners understand the need to fuel their Idea Tank. Lack of direction, guidance and an empty idea tank leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck… just a few reasons you should consider joining The Beauty Biz Club.

    3. Confidence Campaign - High earning practitioners know that confidence affects profits and they invest heavily in making sure their self-confidence levels are high.

    FACT: When confidence is high profits increase. Where are they getting the fuel to power these must haves? The Beauty Biz Club – a one of a kind success based society designed to ignite your highest earning potential.

    How would you feel knowing that you can connect and get feedback from these ROCKSTAR Beauty Biz Professionals?

    Meeting Mojo:

    “Working with Lori has positively impacted my business by helping me with one of my biggest challenges – mindset. Lori’s trainings have given me the courage to create a business that everyone told me couldn’t work. It did and I have gone from $20,000 per year to $74,000 per year in a short period of time.” - Heidi, LE


    “The Beauty Biz Club has provided me with the tools and support to expand my business and 4x my income. For the first time, I don’t have fear that I won't be able to feed my kinds and keep a roof over their heads.” - Michele, LE


    "Lori (and her programs) helped me gain confidence to become a leader in my community, which allowed me to up my yearly income of $12,000 (solo practitioner) to $275,000 as a spa owner." –Marisa, LE

    So, how do YOU take the first step to put yourself on the success path that these ladies are on?

    Special Offer to join me in the Beauty Biz Club: Once a year I open up the club with an annual membership option (the most cost effective way to be in the club).

    This is a BIG DEAL because it comes with some awesome bonus material including:

    • You get 1 month free (You pay for 11 months but get 12 - - $79 value)
    • You get access to The Profits Protocol program ($997 value) 
    • You get the Gratitude Day training ($397 value)
    • You get a Club Leather Journal w/pen ($47 value) 

    Just be sure to join before Oct. 1st to take advantage: https://beautybizclub.com/join-us

    Again this limited time special offer is for those ready to create beauty and success.

    See ya inside!

  • 6 Aug 2018 7:36 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author: Lori Crete

    FACT: There is a Pampering People Pleaser living inside every beauty biz practitioner. This caring part of our soul both serves us AND burns us!

    It doesn't matter how successful you are, or how LONG you have been in the beauty industry, I would bet my best pair of tweezers that there are times when you feel taken advantage of... no-shows, habitual late-runners, and bold client requests show up and disrupt.

    I am curious…

    How do you handle the moments when you feel taken advantage of by your clients?

    [Boundaries Audit] Check All That Apply:

    ____ I ignore it. If I say something, I might lose the client and I can’t afford to lose a client. #fear

    ____ I call my husband and complain. I hang up even more frustrated because he tells me to call the no-shower and tell them off. #wasteoftime

    ___ I read an old copy of New Beauty Magazine and wish I was able to afford all these celebrity beauty treatments. #jelly

    ____ I feel defeated and insecure. If only I had the confidence and knowledge to handle these hiccups like a pro… then maybe I would be able to put a stop to the unnecessary occurrences that are costing me THOUSANDS of $$$ each year.

    If you checked any of the above, then you’re going to want to JOIN me for the Beauty Biz Club August Success Segment where Crickett Enos, The Wax Chick and I are talking Business Boundaries.

    Here’s why you need this training:

    We’ll uncover the fears associated with setting boundaries and share proven strategies for implementing them and highlight the benefits of saying "no" nicely.

    You’ll learn:

    ==> How setting boundaries builds your confidence and your business

    ==> Which Boundaries to set and how to enforce them

    ==> Scripts for saying "no" nicely

    No matter the size of your business, your boundaries are key to setting clear expectations for yourself and your clients.

    [TRUTH] Biz Boundaries create increased bookings, client loyalty, and bliss.

    Get this new and powerful training TODAY right here in The Beauty Biz Club -- it's a must-see success segment!

    The Beauty Biz Club is a professional membership club where beauty biz practitioners stay as long as they like and enjoy the ability to...

    • connect with other beauty biz professionals in a positive environment,
    • get answers to questions,
    • get ideas for growing and improving
    • get practical success tools, and
    • get support with moving beyond the fear, overwhelm and roadblocks where we all get stuck from time to time.

    Join Here ==> https://beautybizclub.com/join-us

  • 25 Jun 2018 9:51 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author Lori Crete

    We're days away from being half way through the year - I say it's time for us to really heat things up in your beauty biz and get some great results FAST so you have a powerful wave of profit-boosting momentum to finish the 2nd half of the year strong and have 2018 go down in the books as YOUR BEST YEAR YET!!

    The 60 Day Beauty Biz Success Challenge is NOW OPEN for registration!

    This program is a 60-day success challenge to help you market your beauty business more effectively, find joy in your practice, and significantly increase your income.

    It's not only my most popular, but it's also one of my all time favorite beauty biz success programs. It has launched more beauty biz practitioners into six figures than any other program around!


    These now-six-figure-earning gals continue to take this program each time the doors open because it gives them a new success kick-in-the-pants every single time.

    Go ahead and take a look at what the 60 Day Beauty Biz Success Challenge is all about, and how it can help YOU create the profit boosting momentum that will make you fall in love with your beauty biz all over again.

    Full Scoop here ==> http://BeautyBiz60.com

    There's nothing like this in our industry.

    I hope you’ll check it out to see what it's all about.

    There is so much power (and FUN!) in doing this as part of a group of ambitious beauty biz practitioners keeping each other inspired and on track.

    It's fast... it's fun... it's effective... it gets RESULTS!

    And, I know you will love it!

    This is your chance to light up your beauty biz soul and do something special that's focused on YOU and your success.

    Create a 6-Figure Beauty Business You and Your Clients Love ==> http://BeautyBiz60.com

    P.S. – If you've taken this program before, remember we update it each time so the content is fresh and relevant NOW... just an FYI because we know you'll be wondering ;-)

    ==> Join us here: http://BeautyBiz60.com

  • 18 Jun 2018 9:01 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author Lori Crete

    Here's what to do when it's time to move on...

    Are you settling for less than you really desire in your beauty biz?

    Are you feeling bored, blah, status quo, stuck and longing for bigger and better in your beauty biz practice?

    If so, it’s probably effecting your client attraction juju… yes, I do believe that energy is contagious and we get back what we put out.

    If your meter is stuck somewhere between crappy and ok, and you’re ready to feel good again then listen up!

    Here are three ways to create change and get your passion for the beauty world flowing like a positive river:

    1. Create a secret Pinterest journal board.

    A lot of times we stay stuck in the “feeling blah” mode simply because we don’t know what we want or how to start making the shift into a better place.

    A perfect spot to start to gain clarity is on Pinterest! Get on the site and start to pin anything that looks beautiful to you. Examples:

    • A feel good quote,
    • Beautiful locations,
    • Zen treatment rooms,
    • Inspiring art for your treatment room,
    • Fancy new equipment that your clients will LOVE,
    • A snazzy uniform, etc.
    An inspiration Pinterest journal will activate your passion points and help you find focus and direction.

    2. Map it Out.

    It is hard to achieve anything without a clear idea of what you want and it’s important to take a moment and think about what a perfect day would look like to you, and then map it out.

    I have been using a “map it out” success technique since I started in the beauty industry and it has served me very well.

    I would head into work and pencil in my empty spots with appointments that I would LOVE to see appear on my schedule. #manifesting I started visualizing and mapping out five appointments a day, taking a few action steps to make my vision a reality and BOOM – the clients started appearing! Once I consistently hit the five goal, I upped it to eight. BOOM! Then, once I hit eight, I went for 13 (and once I hit that, I realized I was exhausted and needed an employee ;) LOL)

    ==> Map out your perfect day and then create a P.O.A (Plan of Action) for how you can welcome the things you desire into your life.

    "Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched." --Mindy Kaling

    3. Take some time to watch a feel good success segment.

    The learning process is AMAZING, but if you’re not in the right frame of mind, it can bring you DOWN… way down. #overwhelm #notenough #sooverit

    That’s why I created the new (and free) guide: How To Find Joy In Your Practice (with an accompanying recorded training) to fuel your beauty biz success! Go check it out here: https://LoriCrete.com

    Here’s just a sample of what’s in it for you:

    • 5 ways for you to find joy in your practice
    • Why I decided to leave a profitable 16-year practice – and what’s next for me
    • Inside scoop (and special savings) on the upcoming 60-day Challenge
    I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it for you!
  • 14 May 2018 5:00 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author: Lori Crete

    I was stuck in LA traffic and my mind started thinking about my business and I found myself wondering, “HOLY COW! There was NO internet when I started as an esthetician! How the heck did I get clients in the door so quickly?”

    I have built up a booked-solid, profitable practice, moved and started over four times! ...and I am getting ready to do it again. 

    Looking back, it has never taken me more than six months to rebuild and I get excited about being able to practice what I preach. 

    • Marketing
    • Client Attraction
    • Social Media
    • Networking
    • Hustling
    • Building a beauty biz from scratch
    • Feeling confident and proud along the way
    Whenever I decide to change up my life and make a BIG shift, I first get scared (really scared) and question decision, but deep down I know that it always works out for the best. 

    I have become a better speaker, educator, esthetician, and mentor from the experiences I gain during the starting over process.

    I will be sharing more details on my move as it unfolds and develops - just be sure you open my emails for the next few months to join me on my “starting over” journey. I will be sharing all the juicy details on how and why I decided to walk away from a 16-year profitable business and start over. 

    So back to sitting in LA traffic :)

    One thought lead to another and I started thinking about all the changes that have taken place over the last 16 years and how they will affect my strategy to build up again in a new location.

    Funny thing is, even though there are TONS of ways to build a beauty biz I plan to stick to the basics, because building up a business is really not that hard to do when you decide to confidently connect with your community.

    Here’s a peek at my P.O.A.

    1. Send an email out to all my friends and family members letting them know how excited I am to offer them beauty services at my new location.
    2. P.S. my email with the following, “if you have any friends, family members or co-workers who are in need of a facial, eyebrow or bikini wax, or an amazing spray tan please send them my way.”
    3. Find a spot to volunteer my time so I can network with people who share similar beliefs – this type of connection is a great way to quickly build a clientele.
    4. Head to the same workout class 4 times a week at so I start to see the same people over and over. Becoming a familiar face is very important when you want to connect with women - and men - who invest in looking and feeling their best.
    5. Find three community influencers to invite in for what I call a “support trade off.” I offer these people a facial, and in return I ask for a shout out on their social platforms. I also mention how important it is for me to connect with and support others in their biz. It's a win-win.
    6. Use my Beauty Biz Club members to bounce ideas off.
    During times of change we need the support of others to help us stay centered, focused and moving forward in a productive way.

    The Beauty Biz Club is a membership platform that I created for the beauty industry to uplift and support one another.

    I am proud to say it is packed full of the most supportive success driven gals ever!

    If you are in need of a place to learn, grow and share I invite you to join me in this exclusive success-based society designed to provide you the ongoing resources needed to become a top earner the beauty industry.

    Want more ideas on how I plan to fill my treatment room?

    Make sure you're on my mailing list, and be sure to open the emails you receive from me because I am getting ready to offer you some really exciting biz growth opportunities!

    Coming soon: 

    1. Free report on Finding Joy
    2. Free Success Segment
    3. 60 Day Beauty Biz Success Challenge
    4. And of course, anytime is a good time to become a standing member of the Beauty Biz Club!
    Click here to join me in the Essentials Forum Training Library for the success achieving system that EVERY motivated practitioner needs to know.
  • 8 Apr 2018 5:18 PM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author: Lori Crete

    There is one question that could be holding you back from reaching your true potential.

    I hear this question all the time and it triggers something inside of me, which is why I am here today sharing my insights with you.

    So here are a few variations of the success-crushing question:

    How much is it?

    How much does it cost?

    Is it expensive?

    Now, I will freely admit that I do catch myself in this situation every now and then, but after a lot of work in this area, I now know how to quickly change back to a success frame of mind.

    Also I must say that I am not a financial planner, money guru, licensed CPA, or bookkeeper, but I am sharing this info from my experience as a entrepreneur, spa owner and working beauty biz practitioner.

    3 Reasons why believing "you can’t afford it" will not serve you in the success department:

    1. It’s a negative thought and negative thoughts simply hold you back.
    2. If you really STOP and think about why you are believing you can’t afford it you will find you’re probably making an excuse because of fear, uncertainty or because of a limiting belief that is popping up in your world.
    3. You don’t believe in magic!

    “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” -Roald Dahl

    The truth is that we live in an abundant world where anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it.

    3 Ways to Shift out of the ‘I can’t afford it’ success crushing approach:

    1. Start living with intention. Each week make a list of simple goals that you want to achieve that will support your desired investment.
    2. Reverse engineer what you want and you will often find that your desired investment is really NOT that out of reach. {***I will be teaching my reverse engineered investment technique in an upcoming Beauty Biz Club Success Segment – stay tuned***}
    3. Surround yourself with others who have accomplished what you desire. Truly successful people love to help others achieve their own success - they understand the rocky challenge-filled path and can help you navigate it.

    “Success leaves clues. Be a better observer of the winners and the losers, those who are doing well and those who are falling behind. Take mental notes and say: 'I'm going to adjust what I'm doing based on what I see'”. – Jim Rohn

  • 27 Mar 2018 7:22 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    author: Lori Crete

    Serious Success Question:

    Are You Mining For G.E.M.’s and filling your days with amazing clients... or are you settling for a somewhat booked schedule?

    If you are settling for just a somewhat booked schedule, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way! 

    Join me in the success library and discover... 

    The Crucial First Step to Becoming A Booked-Solid, High Earning Practitioner. 

    The nuggets of info that I share during this success segment are 100% what have helped many of my coaching clients tap into their 6-figure income earning potential. It works.

    Here’s what happens when you tap into my mining for G.E.M’s method of client attraction: 

    “So bizarre! I have new clients flowing in like crazy now that I'm too busy to take them. How many weeks booked out before you stop taking new clients?” – Erin, Beauty Biz Club Member 

    Training Takeaways: 

    • Identify who most needs - and wants - your service offerings
    • Spark interest through effective marketing communication
    • Watch your schedule fill while you save time and energy
    • Make more $$$$$ 
    It’s easy to join… simply click here and become a member of The Beauty Biz Club, the ONLY interactive success-based society designed for practitioners who want to tap into their highest earning potential. 

    Beauty Biz Club Scoop: 

    You control your membership. 

    For 30 days you’ll get an all-access pass into the Beauty Biz Club where you not only get the Mining for G.E.M.'s training, but you can check out a robust library of past success trainings 

    Woot! Woot! Backstage pass for 30 days! 

    The best part is that you control your membership… if you LOVE this type of support, you have the opportunity to become a standing member of this fantastic community... a community I now can't imagine not being immersed in and supported by! When you join us for the training, you'll be a member. After 30 days, your membership will automatically renew, or you can turn it off by editing your profile... it really is as easy as that.

    Don’t miss out! 

    The Mining for G.E.M’s is a must-have beauty biz success tool to get you booked-solid and (more importantly) KEEP you booked-solid! 

    Click here to join me in the Essentials Forum Training Library for the success achieving system that EVERY motivated practitioner needs to know.

  • 25 Mar 2018 2:49 PM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    Success is about commitment & hard work… I really don’t know any other way to become booked-solid & profitable.

    I keep receiving 1:1 coaching requests from people who want to create “passive income” who want to “work less & make more money.”  Honestly, I am not the right coach/mentor for you if you are not willing to commit to showing up 100% & working hard for what you want.

    I am tired of the online fluff that promises a quick fix & an easy solution - a magic pill or a sprinkle of fairy dust - so you magically transform into an instant success.  

    This is unrealistic BS and it makes me angry because it steers so many people in the wrong direction and further away from what they really need.

    The only way to become more successful is to do what you love so hard work doesn't feel "hard" at all, find a support system to encourage you, create systems and rituals in your life, and commit to them.

    If this sounds like a plan of action you're interested in, then please join me in The Beauty Biz Club where we will work together consistently to create your success destiny.

    "If there’s any part of ourselves or our life that we are not fully willing to accept, we will experience stress & friction in that area. -Gay Hendricks"

  • 11 Mar 2018 2:24 PM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    by Lori Crete

    You may have heard my recent podcast where I talked about being prepared for an emergency in your biz.

    The Beauty Biz Show on emergencies was inspired by an actual emergency that happened to me in the grocery store… a situation that scared the *&% out of me and got me thinking that this same experience could happen in my business (or your business) and we need a plan of action.

    Here’s a simple checklist to get you started with an emergency plan of action. I have also included the links that I mentioned in the podcast.

    Emergency Numbers for you and your staff

    • Fire:
    • Non-emergency Police:
    • Building’s Security:
    • Alarm System:
    • Plumber:
    • Air Conditioning:
    • Leasing Office/Landlord:
    • Next in charge - Meaning who is called if something happens to you (Name & Phone):

    Directions on what to do if someone is having a seizure (make your staff aware of this as well)

    • Step 1:
    • Step 2:
    • Step 3:
    • Step 4:
    • Step 5:
    • Step 6:

    Create Your Emergency Response and Crisis Communication Plan

    • Step 1:
    • Step 2:
    • Step 3:
    • Step 4:
    • Step 5:
    • Step 6:
    • Step 7:
    • Step 8:
    • Step 9:
    • Step 10:

    Gather some ideas here from G & A Partners here. 

    Local CPR and Heimlich maneuver training

    • Contact Info:
    • Date:
    • Time:

    AED (automated external defibrillator) Info

    Fire Extinguisher Info

    Take Photos of EVERYTHING in your business for insurance purposes and store in icloud or dropbox.

    Purchase a first aid kit or update yours

    Access Hazards

    • Example: look around and check for cords people could trip over, wires that might need attention, equipment safety review.

    Read this blog post from Staples on how to prep your business.

    The Bottom Line: Please take the time to complete these steps. Trust me when I tell you that you want an emergency plan of action and by taking the time to do this checklist and train your staff the info will be stored in your brain and you will know how to act fast.

    You can download a copy of the doc here to complete and have on hand.

  • 11 Feb 2018 10:40 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

    Author: Lori Crete

    Q1 (especially January) can be slow for beauty biz practitioners as many clients went all out on treatments in November & December.

    This time of year customers are focusing on replenishing their bank accounts and unfortunately not focusing on their eyelash fills or facial hydration.


    Last week even I was slow, but decided that I didn’t want to head to the spa and just sit around, so I put on my hustle hat and filled up the open spots.

    I figured sharing my fill’er up tips might be helpful to keep you in the “it’s a new year and I am going to rock it out” mode.

    I did the following 3 things and made an extra $1,000 in 3 days:

    1. Practiced L, M and A

    Listening, Mental Notes, and Action

    I pay special attention to my clients' lifestyles (and make mental notes), and will text them when a spot opens that will work for their busy schedule.


    Betsy is a very busy tax attorney who had to cancel right before Christmas because her college kid was home and needed the family car.

    Last week, I texted Betsy with a 4:30 appointment time (I know 4:30 is when she gets off work) and said, “do you want to grab this spot before you head into crazy tax season?”

    She was thrilled that I thought of her and responded immediately to let me know she would be in at 4:30 on Friday.

    When she got there I said, “Do you need anything else while you’re here because I know I won't see you again until after 4/15?” She added on a half leg wax and thanked me for fitting all in.

    2. Tapped into Grateful Flexibility

    Grateful Flexibility – thankful (not resentful) that I get to go in early, work on holidays, and stay late to be of service to my clients.


    I received a text from Linda saying, “I have to cancel as it’s a holiday and I need to leave the desert early to avoid traffic.”

    I texted back, “do you want to come in Monday at 8am instead? Will that help?”

    She texted back, “Awesome! thanks. See you then.”

    Do I LOVE going to work at 8am on my day off? NO.

    Was heading in at 8am on my day off worth it? YES. I had fun catching up with Linda, so it really didn’t matter what day or time it was.

    I only recommend tapping into grateful flexibility when you are able to do this from a place of service NOT from a sacrificing frame of mind.

    3. Followed up

    You will often find that your fortune can be found simply by creating follow up rituals.


    I was already heading in on a Monday, so I went back and tapped into tip 1 and 2 tip – listening and being flexible.

    Who else might want to come in on a Monday holiday?


    Sylvia is a teacher and had texted me for a facial over Christmas break and I never managed to find a spot to fit her in!

    So I followed up and filled another spot.

    Filling up your schedule anytime of year is really all about how you choose to connect with others. 

    For me listening, flexibility and follow up have always allowed me to stay busy and be of highest service to my clients.

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