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Shifting Your Business Based On Your Strengths w/Emily Sindlinger

17 Jul 2017 6:27 AM | Lori Crete (Administrator)

I know that you are going to absolutely love the show today. I can’t wait for you to hear my guest’s story.

Her name is Emily Sindlinger, and she is a spa owner and a founder of the Sorella Apothecary skincare line.

After three years as a struggling esthetician, she had a beauty biz shift that led to amazing success. 

In this show, you will hear her talk about the "5-minute-consultation" that she teaches from stage at various trade shows. And guess what? After this conversation, I invited Emily to teach this hugely important process to us at The Beauty Biz Workshop happening October 1st and 2nd, 2017 in Palm Springs, CA. Now, the former flight attendant in me can't help but remind you that...

Travel does not reward the procrastinator.
So if you are sure that you are going, make you sure you buy your plane tickets or make your travel arrangements soon for the best rates and availability. Also, make sure you visit The Beauty Biz Workshop page in order to grab your ticket to the event now. There is still an easy 3-pay plan available but it will be going away soon.

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I went to Vegas and came back a different person. I was just more confident and my energy was different and people even noticed it in me too. I really believed in what I was offering after that point, and I pinpoint it to... I learned how to sell." – Emily Sindlinger

Show Notes:

  • How to get your beauty biz started
  • How to start a skincare line
  • The importance of trade shows
  • How more training can influence your career
  • The importance of a simple skincare routine
  • How to do a 5 minute consultation
She lent me the $10,000 thinking that’d I’d pay her back in a few months, and it actually took a year and a half because it was so much harder to get started than I thought." - Emily Sindlinger
  • How to use shelf talkers effectively
  • Why offer free shipping
  • What to know about selling your own skincare line
  • How to launch a skincare line
  • Why lime is in skincare
  • Why is honey good for skin
  • Tips to having a business with your significant other
I haven’t met one successful person that didn’t have a coach along the way, or someone that mentored them. I think finding someone that is in our industry is important too, because we have this unique industry that I think people who aren’t in it don’t really get." - Emily Sindlinger

Emily Sindlinger's 3 tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

    1. Hyper-specialize your business
    2. Figure out your “why”
    3. Focus on your strengths and delegate tasks
I think another big success tip is having a success coach." - Emily Sindlinger

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