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Facelift Happenings!

13 Nov 2017 5:00 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

Today is a big day!

Woot! In case you're wondering, The Top Six (6) Reasons Clients Will Choose YOU client attraction training is available in the success library!

To catch it, you can become a member here.

I can't even begin to tell you how much work has gone into getting to this point.

It's New.

It's Fresh.


And it's never been done before...

“At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done--then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Beauty Biz Club is where beauty biz professionals go when they need help and support with growing and running their business. 

Wondering what to do when a client does______? (fill in the blank with anything, really) ...Ask in the club and you'll get answers you can put in place almost immediately!

Want to know what linens are the best, or what promotional items that are worth investing in, or how to create your brochures... ask in the club!

Another place you'll find support for your business is The Beauty Biz Show Podcast. The show has been on a brief hiatus but here's a quick lineup of the most popular shows:

  1. Robin McGee - Creating And Defining A Beauty Brand
  2. Shari Braund - Finding Success In A Small Town As An Esthetician And Product Line Creator
  3. Wendy Jacobs - Bridging Business Policy And Practitioners 
  4. Jenn Buker - Becoming A Pro Skin Guru
  5. Tony Picciano - Microcurrent Expert

We're also getting a facelift! A huge part of being a professional in any industry is staying up with the times and making sure that your public presentation represents you and your business accurately.

The Esthetician Mentor website has needed an update for a little while now but we needed to get the Beauty Biz Club up and running before we could focus on getting it all freshened up. Stay tuned for the unveiling.

Have a great week!

Live Beautifully,