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The Top Success Boosting Tool for 2018 {only $79}

5 Jan 2018 8:02 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

I invite you to join me on Jan. 8th 2018 as I introduce a success achieving system that EVERY motivated beauty biz practitioner needs to know.

The Growth Bank Success System is a virtual training that you won't want to miss because it will teach you step-by-step how to achieve a higher level of success.

I am confident that investing in this training will be the best $79 that you’ll spend in 2018.

Here are the top ten takeaways that you will learn from The Growth Bank System:

1. Why winging it doesn’t work.

The Growth Bank System will teach you how to map out your growth strategies to avoid cash flow problems.

2. Learn what you can take on that will energize you and what to avoid that will throw you into a state of chaos or overwhelm.

Goal setting and NYE resolutions are great, but studies show that only 8% of people follow through. Why? Because we stress ourselves out and give up.

3. A reminder of how much you can do when you get out of our own way.

4. The importance of WHO you “hang around” and how it will contribute to - or crush - your success goals.

DIY-ing it is great for home improvements, but it is NOT how you grow a successful business.

5. How to use a “Strategic Investment Spreadsheet” allowing you to see precisely when and where to invest your (hard earned) beauty biz bucks intelligently.

*Strategic Investment Spreadsheet template included to help you along the way.

6. Gain understanding around how to use one of your greatest sources of power.

This one is a must have “power” tool that EVERY success-desiring practitioner must tap into to make more money.

*Don’t worry I will lead the way here and we will do this exercise together during the training segment.

7. Create your custom “Abundant Idea Account” designed as your guide to stop spending money on things that JUST DON’T workand start investing in the right stuff to grow your biz.

*Abundant Idea Account handout included to help you along the way.

8. Save LOADS of money by learning an easy to follow blueprint system, so you don’t have to waste 1000’s of dollars and hours of time trying to figure out the beauty biz success formula on your own.

9. You’ll discover how to create clarity and use it to welcome clients and cash flow.

*Create Clarity Handout Included to help you along the way.

10. For 30 days you’ll get an all-access pass into the Beauty Biz Club – A success based society designed to help practitioners attract more clients, get more referrals and make more money!

Woot! Woot! Backstage pass for 30 days!

The best part is that if you LOVE this type of support, you have the opportunity to become a standing member of this fantastic community!

The Growth Bank System is the must-have beauty biz success tool for 2018!

Click here to join me in the Essentials Forum Training Library for the success achieving system that EVERY motivated practitioner needs to know.

I can't wait to share this training with you!

~ Lori


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