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Self-Awareness Quiz: Articulating Your Value

29 Jan 2018 1:00 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

If you’ve been wondering how to get busier in your beauty biz, here’s some homework to get your success gears cranking.

The following quiz is designed to help you up your standards and take your current level of success to the next level and I will also share how you can keep this newfound momentum going.

Here’s how this works… 

You have to not only take the quiz, but you also have to find a way implement the answers into your world to create an unstoppable flow of success!

Because the truth is…

If you don’t clearly and confidently know the answers to the following questions, you are holding yourself back from ultimate beauty biz success.

Don’t beat yourself up if this quiz leaves you feeling a little “off” or confused. Instead, look at it as a great way to do some self-reflecting / self-growth work because digging deep into what drives you is the foundational work needed to fill your schedule full of AMAZING clients who value your offerings.


Self-Awareness Quiz: Articulating Your Value

Take your time and read each question, then allow yourself to feel into it before you fill in the blanks because the true emotional answers to these questions are most likely where you’ll find the key to unlock your hidden fortune.

1. When a potential clients asks what you do, how do you quickly, clearly, and confidently define your professional self?

2. What client compliment makes you feel the most proud of what you do?

3. What’s your best kept selling secret? How do you capture the sale of a treatment or retail product while feeling like you’re shining and sharing rather than desperate and begging for biz?

4. How do you handle a beauty biz let down? Ex: Bad yelp review, last minute cancellation, no-show, a client who HATES her brow wax, or even worse a bad (skin) reaction to a service you provided?

5. What tool do you use to effectively attract new clients?

6. What’s your best kept secret to getting your past clients to re-engage in your business?

7. Are you confident enough to invite the potential client who really needs you into your business? You know the Starbucks barista who suffers from acne… the one that you’re dying to help!

____ YES!

____ NO (If the answer is no… ask yourself why you don’t feel right expressing your gifts to the world?)

8. What (integrity-based) action steps do you take to win back the retail sale when client informs you they saved $3.00 by purchasing your recommendations from Amazon?


9. How do you invest in becoming a practitioner who designs their own success destiny?

___ Tradeshow

___ Webinar

___ Local community events

___ Coaching / Mentorship

___ I have been lazy and need to work on this

___ Lori’s Beauty Biz Club

From the book: Power of Other by Henry Cloud:

...Because you’re about to step into a situation where you will see and feel how powerful it is to surround your with a success community.

Join me - and over 200 of my friends - here in the Beauty Biz Club where each month you get a business growth and success training, practical tips to grow your business, feedback from fellow beauty biz practitioners, and access to shared resources from industry leaders and other beauty biz professionals.

I have been really excited about the momentum I have gained by participating in this group. Typically this time of year, I just pack it in and figure everyone is just too busy to come in. Not this year!! I have stayed on top of my marketing and client outreach and this definitely shows in my numbers and rebooking rates for January. Love this group!! ~Shelly, LE, San Diego, CA

We'd love to welcome you as our newest club member! Join here and get started now!