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Crucial 1st Step To Attracting Clients

27 Mar 2018 7:22 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

author: Lori Crete

Serious Success Question:

Are You Mining For G.E.M.’s and filling your days with amazing clients... or are you settling for a somewhat booked schedule?

If you are settling for just a somewhat booked schedule, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Join me in the success library and discover... 

The Crucial First Step to Becoming A Booked-Solid, High Earning Practitioner. 

The nuggets of info that I share during this success segment are 100% what have helped many of my coaching clients tap into their 6-figure income earning potential. It works.

Here’s what happens when you tap into my mining for G.E.M’s method of client attraction: 

“So bizarre! I have new clients flowing in like crazy now that I'm too busy to take them. How many weeks booked out before you stop taking new clients?” – Erin, Beauty Biz Club Member 

Training Takeaways: 

  • Identify who most needs - and wants - your service offerings
  • Spark interest through effective marketing communication
  • Watch your schedule fill while you save time and energy
  • Make more $$$$$ 
It’s easy to join… simply click here and become a member of The Beauty Biz Club, the ONLY interactive success-based society designed for practitioners who want to tap into their highest earning potential. 

Beauty Biz Club Scoop: 

You control your membership. 

For 30 days you’ll get an all-access pass into the Beauty Biz Club where you not only get the Mining for G.E.M.'s training, but you can check out a robust library of past success trainings 

Woot! Woot! Backstage pass for 30 days! 

The best part is that you control your membership… if you LOVE this type of support, you have the opportunity to become a standing member of this fantastic community... a community I now can't imagine not being immersed in and supported by! When you join us for the training, you'll be a member. After 30 days, your membership will automatically renew, or you can turn it off by editing your profile... it really is as easy as that.

Don’t miss out! 

The Mining for G.E.M’s is a must-have beauty biz success tool to get you booked-solid and (more importantly) KEEP you booked-solid! 

Click here to join me in the Essentials Forum Training Library for the success achieving system that EVERY motivated practitioner needs to know.


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