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Are Your Clients Taking Advantage Of You?

6 Aug 2018 7:36 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

author: Lori Crete

FACT: There is a Pampering People Pleaser living inside every beauty biz practitioner. This caring part of our soul both serves us AND burns us!

It doesn't matter how successful you are, or how LONG you have been in the beauty industry, I would bet my best pair of tweezers that there are times when you feel taken advantage of... no-shows, habitual late-runners, and bold client requests show up and disrupt.

I am curious…

How do you handle the moments when you feel taken advantage of by your clients?

[Boundaries Audit] Check All That Apply:

____ I ignore it. If I say something, I might lose the client and I can’t afford to lose a client. #fear

____ I call my husband and complain. I hang up even more frustrated because he tells me to call the no-shower and tell them off. #wasteoftime

___ I read an old copy of New Beauty Magazine and wish I was able to afford all these celebrity beauty treatments. #jelly

____ I feel defeated and insecure. If only I had the confidence and knowledge to handle these hiccups like a pro… then maybe I would be able to put a stop to the unnecessary occurrences that are costing me THOUSANDS of $$$ each year.

If you checked any of the above, then you’re going to want to JOIN me for the Beauty Biz Club August Success Segment where Crickett Enos, The Wax Chick and I are talking Business Boundaries.

Here’s why you need this training:

We’ll uncover the fears associated with setting boundaries and share proven strategies for implementing them and highlight the benefits of saying "no" nicely.

You’ll learn:

==> How setting boundaries builds your confidence and your business

==> Which Boundaries to set and how to enforce them

==> Scripts for saying "no" nicely

No matter the size of your business, your boundaries are key to setting clear expectations for yourself and your clients.

[TRUTH] Biz Boundaries create increased bookings, client loyalty, and bliss.

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