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A sneak peak into the high-earning success scene

17 Sep 2018 6:55 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

author: Lori Crete

So what happens behind closed doors in a Beauty Biz Mastermind?

I just met with 30 high-income earning beauty practitioners at a Beauty Biz Club mastermind. We spent the day together focusing on three topics that are overlooked and under developed in the beauty industry:

1. Conversation – surrounding standing tall and practicing beauty from a place of purpose and profits.

2. Collaboration – The day included a case study on acne.

WOW! Rich resources were shared on how to help clients gain clear skin and confidence.

Shared knowledge on treatments is priceless!

Collaboration provides you with unique knowledge that will set you apart in the crowded beauty space.

3. Connection – The beauty biz world can be competitive and lonely. In order to tap into your highest potential you need connection with others who understand your mission and your challenges.

FACT: Conversation, Collaboration, and Connection with others who support you is an investment that will pay off WAY more than any machine or product line.

Togetherness Takeaways - to help you become more successful... Must haves of a super successful, high-income beauty practitioner:

1. Growth Bank - Highly successful practitioners have a strategic plan of action. Winging it or figuring it out on your own will most likely cost you cash flow problems.

“82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems.” [Ipage.com]

When you Join The Club, you gain immediate access to The Growth Bank Training: 5 Step Success Achieving System.

2. Idea Tank - Highly successful practitioners understand the need to fuel their Idea Tank. Lack of direction, guidance and an empty idea tank leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck… just a few reasons you should consider joining The Beauty Biz Club.

3. Confidence Campaign - High earning practitioners know that confidence affects profits and they invest heavily in making sure their self-confidence levels are high.

FACT: When confidence is high profits increase. Where are they getting the fuel to power these must haves? The Beauty Biz Club – a one of a kind success based society designed to ignite your highest earning potential.

How would you feel knowing that you can connect and get feedback from these ROCKSTAR Beauty Biz Professionals?

Meeting Mojo:

“Working with Lori has positively impacted my business by helping me with one of my biggest challenges – mindset. Lori’s trainings have given me the courage to create a business that everyone told me couldn’t work. It did and I have gone from $20,000 per year to $74,000 per year in a short period of time.” - Heidi, LE


“The Beauty Biz Club has provided me with the tools and support to expand my business and 4x my income. For the first time, I don’t have fear that I won't be able to feed my kinds and keep a roof over their heads.” - Michele, LE


"Lori (and her programs) helped me gain confidence to become a leader in my community, which allowed me to up my yearly income of $12,000 (solo practitioner) to $275,000 as a spa owner." –Marisa, LE

So, how do YOU take the first step to put yourself on the success path that these ladies are on?

Special Offer to join me in the Beauty Biz Club: Once a year I open up the club with an annual membership option (the most cost effective way to be in the club).

This is a BIG DEAL because it comes with some awesome bonus material including:

  • You get 1 month free (You pay for 11 months but get 12 - - $79 value)
  • You get access to The Profits Protocol program ($997 value) 
  • You get the Gratitude Day training ($397 value)
  • You get a Club Leather Journal w/pen ($47 value) 

Just be sure to join before Oct. 1st to take advantage: https://beautybizclub.com/join-us

Again this limited time special offer is for those ready to create beauty and success.

See ya inside!



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