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So, your client has a cold... ugh!

5 Nov 2018 6:33 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

by Lori Crete

My client came in for an eyebrow and said, “I have a cold, and you should wear a mask.”

Have you heard this?


Did you tick you off?

I bet it did!

FACT: If you are around someone with a cold, your probability of getting a cold goes up.

** Hang tight: I share practitioner immune boosters below**

Now, speaking of who you are around...

TRUTH: One of the most important decisions we make in life is WHO we choose to be around.

If you want to become more successful, but are surrounding yourself with Negative Nellys, Drama filled Dianas or Pessimistic Peggys – BEWARE. The probability of you becoming... well, you get where I'm going with that.

It was hard to find a good - positive - support community when I entered the beauty industry, which is one of the reasons I started The Beauty Biz Club. Competition was just way more prevalent than community and now I am happy to say that I'm watching a refreshing and hope-inspiring shift happening in the club.

I am curious... Are you hanging with the right people to fuel your success?

Stop for a moment and list the people around you regularly who are energy-zappers. You know, the ones who make you feel like crap.

Next list the energy-giving people. You know, the ones who make you feel ready to be and do better.

If your positive list is nonexistent or smaller than your negative one, it's time to start cultivating some new relationships. You might want to join a women in business group or volunteer time to a cause that is important to you.

Or… If you want immediate connection with a group of people who get YOU and support YOU, come join me in The Beauty Biz Club for a massive dose of inspired energy. 

Now, for some Treatment Room Immune Boosters:

Essential oils - Try OnGuard oil blend by DoTerra, Thieves blend by Young Living, or make your own blend based on ingredients found in those - add to your aromatherapy diffuser during cold season, or, mix a few drops with water into a spray bottle and sprit your room a few times a day. 

Surgical masks - keep a box on hand just in case a client comes in and says, “oh, I have allergies.” ...Yah, right.

Himalayan sea salt - Keep on hand (no joke - order now), three to five, 2-lb bags, of Himalayan sea salt and the second you feel something coming on add them to a hot bath where you’ll want to soak for 20-30 minutes. I get my salts on amazon.

When your livelihood depends on the work you do for clients, it's important to be diligent about prevention and self-care.

Here’s to your health and success!


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