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When life gets you down...

19 Nov 2018 8:18 AM | Debbie Rebar (Administrator)

by Lori Crete

It happens to us all...

I often get asked if I ever have a bad day or if I ever have chaos in my life, or if I ever have meltdowns.

The answer is, yes. Yes I do.

But I don’t let less than ideal circumstances derail me from my goals. Read on to learn how I regroup when I’m faced with challenging situations.

When I was making the major life and business transition to move my business out of LA, I’d decided to take two weeks off from working in the treatment room so I could get things unpacked, get the needed paperwork for my new business in order, and work on some new offerings for my coaching business.

I was both excited and nervous about taking a few weeks to settle into my new life. I found myself questioning whether or not to dive right into my new spot, but ultimately, I decided to give myself a well-deserved break.

Honestly, I had never not worked (besides vacation time) since my 16th birthday when my dad dropped me off at McDonald's and said, “here you go they’re hiring, and you can work here till you find something else.”

Now, while my skin never felt worse than when I had to work over the french fryer all day, I would still like to say, “thank you, dad, for teaching me the beauty of a strong work ethic and how to create a change when you’re not happy at work.” My gig at Micky D’s only lasted about a month until I found a really fun job at the local movie theater for me and for my BFF.

Ok, so back to this transition down-time…

I had high hopes for a mellow week to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be because the last few weeks at the spa I felt like I was having a bit of an identity crisis. I guess this “feeling off” thing is normal when we have significant change in our world, right?!?

Well, I will be honest with you and tell you that my “eat, pray, love, and get settled” week turned into a sh&t-show of unexpected chaos.

Here are a few highlights:

1. Text messages and emails started flowing in from loyal followers who were upset and wanted to bring something to my attention. Someone used my trademark name, and if you own a trademark, you know that you pay a lot of money for the mark, and if you don't protect it, you run the risk of losing it.

So, I found myself having to spend time and money on the phone with my attorney. Not fun!

2. I had a “state of the union” meeting in one of my beauty biz coaching groups because I genuinely care about the gals who invest in working with me, and as a coach you want to push your students to engage so they can continue to bust through industry norms. 

Whenever I do this, it creates two types of reactions...

a. Alliance - "Ok, I get it, Lori let’s move forward together."


b. Resistance - "Ok Lori, we aren't vibing right now."

This time, both reactions showed up, and both showed up in a mighty way. The details don’t matter, but let's just say that I pissed off a few people and had to spend a lot of time and energy figuring out a very unexpected challenge.

Being a coach who cares a lot about the success of her students can be difficult because there is a fine line between knowing you have to push to lead and remaining a professional, and having human feelings where it hurts to be misunderstood.

And the last bit of chaos I was dealt with was a doozy! It was a sharp and painful dagger to my heart.

3. I received this text from a 10-year spa client whom I love! "I take it Spa 10, and you are on to better things. I feel really bad after so many years of loyalty, you don’t reciprocate with any appreciation. No support of my business venture. I was always there to help you. I don't need so-called friends like you." 

Ouch! and WTF!

Her new business venture is selling skin care, and as much as I would have loved to support her, I had just moved my life of 22 years! I was incredibly busy, and I have boxes and boxes of skin care sitting in an extra refrigerator I had to buy when I moved.

I talked about this particular story and how I responded to this text on the #GetBetterNotBitter

So, how do I regroup and recharge when I find myself feeling drained, overwhelmed, and like I want to crawl in bed and sleep the next week away?

I do the following three things:

1. I have a nice talk with myself… I sit outside in a place that I designed to feel peaceful, and I say to myself, “This is your opportunity to become bitter or better - you choose.” 

2. I look for a sign, and in this situation, I got one while taking the trash out later in the day and it was a little voice in my head that said, "Lori, just surrender, you're doing the best you can." 

3. Become better. I do a few things that make me feel like I am becoming a better person. Rather than criticizing what is happening around me, I focus on how I can be better.

  • I hopped on the Beauty Biz Club forums and offered on the spot coaching to members who had posted questions.
  • I picked up the phone and called another gal who had been struggling with retail sales, and we talked through scenarios to turn things around.
  • I read a chapter of one of my favorite self-development books.
  • I expressed gratitude for all the areas in my life where I am truly blessed - we all have them and it’s important to acknowledge them. 

There you have it! These are the steps that turned things around for me and quickly got me back on track.

So how about you? What derails you and how do you get back on track when it happens?

If you don’t have a plan for that, maybe spend a little time to create one because no matter how awesome your life is, we all experience things that pull us off track from time to time and we need to be able to pull ourselves back up quickly when that happens. If you're a Beauty Biz Club member, this would be a great forum topic that would benefit everyone! 

P.S. - You are one of the things that I am most grateful for. Thanks for being in my world. Thanks for reading what I have to say each week. Thanks for joining me on this journey to make this industry I love a better place for us all. 


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