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Income & Impact Live: Your New Model For Beauty Biz Success

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When: March 15th 2020
Where: Las Vegas, NV
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Who is this for?

Talented estheticians who want to maximize their potential—I am talking to you!

If you are a talented practitioner who wants to tap into the massive opportunities - available right now - in the beauty industry, then keep reading.


Let's just get this out in the open now...If you are not in love with being a part of the beauty industry, if you think being an esthetician is a hobby and not a lucrative career, then this is not the event for you.

Topics Include:

Create Your Success Destiny

You'll learn how to lead a rich life that includes a booming business and space to embrace your personal best. Create a life and business that makes you glow with pride when you talk about it!

Mastering Your Success Mindset

You have what it takes to create massive cash flow. It’s time to finally break through the barriers blocking your success and earn the money you deserve allowing you to build the beauty biz you dreamed of.

Modern Marketing & Branding Method Must-haves

Stop wasting your time and money with strategies that don’t work, here’s where you will learn to avoid the mistakes everyone else is making and fill your schedule with the methods that bring massive results.

Booked-perfectly Scheduling Secrets Revealed

This module is filled with tools and tactics to tap into a growth goldmine. Including: client referral generation, social media outreach, and business nurturing networking scripts.

Retail & Customer Care Success Requirements

You’ll learn a proprietary reverse engineer sales process. Here’s where you stop feeling sales-y and get your client to ask YOU what to purchase. Master a proper client consultation to enhance your retails sales by approx. $25,000 yearly. Plant the seeds of enormous success using customer care techniques that set you apart and boost your bank account to an all time high.

Over the past 2 years, I've made many changes that have helped my business grow. I made a huge price increase in my signature services with confidence. I've stopped working weekends, and the systems I'm putting in place help me LOVE my biz!  2014 to 2015 saw a $25,000 increase in revenues and in 2016 I became a 6-figure solo business, working 4 days a week, with an 8 week waitlist for any services.  I'm literally living the dream!!

Sarah Ashley

If you are a talented practitioner who wants to tap into the massive opportunities - available right now - in the beauty industry, this is a day designed for you.

If you have spent thousands of dollars investing in techniques, products, equipment, and fine-tuning your skill set, and now you are ready to become booked-perfectly with committed clients who honor your expertise, you'll want to attend on March 15th, 2020 in Las Vegas for a training day like no other.

Save your spot now for Income & Impact Live, where you'll get to spend the entire day working alongside other talented estheticians on the next level of your success!

This day also includes: lots of coffee, a sit down luncheon with Lori and a cocktail reception toast!

Your Investment = *ONLY $697!*

*Travel and lodging expenses are not included.

Lori has helped me solve problems and move forward quickly in my skin care business. Her approach is very creative and she is a quick problem solver. She has an excellent business mind and she is resourceful and knowledgeable about the skincare industry and definitely someone you can trust & follow her lead.

Spela Hernandaz, LE

In the Beauty Biz Club®, we don't just dream it and desire it...
We DO it!


Q. How do I know if the Income and Impact Workshop is right for my beauty practice?

A. If you are a talented beauty entrepreneur, who is feeling overwhelmed, overlooked, and underpaid then the Income & Impact Workshop is designed for you.

The event’s soul purpose is to help you create a solid understanding and a plan of action to become booked-perfectly.

Q. What will my return on investment be if I attend this live workshop with Lori?

A. Endless long-term R.O.I. is the goal of the workshop. You will gain access to systems and strategies that you can use over-and-over again to build a practice that lights your skincare soul on fire.

Think of this event as your favorite little black dress - you'll gain access to information that you will use for years to come - to create beauty and success.

Q. This is so out of my comfort zone! How do I find the time and money to attend Income & Income Workshop?

A. Stepping out of your comfort zone and investing in yourself is scary, but it's what’s needed to welcome in a higher-level of confidence, creativity, and sustainable success in the beauty industry.

The truth is, if you stay forever in your comfort zone, you will miss out on the world of opportunity that awaits you outside of your normal routine.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will take you from mediocre to booked-perfectly faster than any other investment. 

You can trust that a powerful shift happens happens the moment you gift yourself an opportunity to transition to the next level of beauty biz success.